TRY-OUT DATES – July 20th & 21st

  • Dancers interested in trying out for a competition team will have to register for one of the training tracks.

What to expect on a competition team-

  • Dancers will go to 2 regional competitions a year. Our highest scoring groups will have the opportunity to attend 3. All groups that qualify may attend Nationals at Wisconsin Dells.
  • Select groups will have the opportunity to attend 3 regional competitions. Soloist are welcome to attend any regional competition.
  • Dancers will be in various recitals.
  • Each competition has different registration fees.
  • These range from $30-$46 for group dancers. -There will be a picnic to meet your teams. -Classes start mid September.
  • All dancers will need to have an online account for monthly payments, entry fees and costumes. -You can sign up for monthly automatic payments or pay tuition in 1 fee.
Competitive Dance